Sinus & Nasal Conditions


Chronic sinus pain and congestion can be debilitating. Sinusitis, or rhino sinusitis, is the inflammation or swelling of the tissues that line the sinuses. The symptoms of a runny or stuffy nose can last a week or more, but if the symptoms persist, sinus pain and pressure may be due to a sinus infection, allergies, or structural problems in the nose or other causes.

While antibiotics may be helpful for the occasional sinus infection, recurrent acute sinusitis (lasting less than 4 weeks) and chronic sinusitis (lasting more than 12 weeks) could be a sign of a bacterial infection or anatomical issue and should be reviewed by a trained Ear, Nose & Throat healthcare provider.

For chronic or recurrent acute sinusitis, the providers at National Sinus Institute (NSI) will evaluate the cause of the sinus pain, inflammation and/or infection, and set a course of appropriate treatment. For those who do not respond to medications for sinus infections, sinus surgery is an option. There are less-invasive surgical options that can be done in-the-office, meaning a more enjoyable experience, quicker recovery, and a lower out-of-pocket cost for our patient.

Dr. Ian Alexander, MD of Otolaryngology, and NSI’s founder, is one of the nation’s leading authority on sinus dilation, also known as balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Alexander and his fellow Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon at NSI, Dr. Jesse Knight, use a specialized dilator to permanently expand the openings of the sinuses, similarly to balloon angioplasty that “unclogs” arteries of the heart.

Our ENT specialists also treat nasal congestion, deviated nasal septums, often caused by injury to the nose, as well as nasal obstruction, blockages of the nose or nasal cavity. Obstruction may relate to allergies or other treatable reasons for the nasal swelling. Obstruction that do not respond to medical treatments may require a septoplasty or nasal surgery to shrink the turbinates, or the bony structures within the nose that allow air to pass.