Ear Conditions

About Ear Conditions

Problems in your ears can be caused by a number of things: from an ear infection to a buildup of ear wax, hearing loss or ringing in the ears, a dysfunction with the Eustachian tube, perforation of the eardrum, or could be related to sinusitis.

Disorders that affect the ears can cause symptoms of pain, loss of balance, dizziness, sinus pain and congestion. Our ears allow the air pressure to equalize between the middle ear and outside air through a connection in the middle ear to the back of the nose and upper throat. When congestion or a blockage affects that equalization, dizziness or balance may be affected, which can cause difficulties in walking, driving and other motor skills.

Infections such as otitis media or otitis externa may be chronic or acute, and often need prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection.

Hearing loss may also occur, whether from an overabundance of ear wax, conductive hearing loss or nerve hearing loss. Tinnitus, commonly referred to as ringing in the ears, is often a symptom of an underlying condition of age-related hearing loss, injury or circulatory system disorder.

Our ear, nose and throat specialists at the National Sinus Institute will provide a thorough assessment of the pain or pressure you experience with your ears, as well as treatment recommendations. Please call to schedule an evaluation with one of our ENT providers.